Four close friends from university are finding profits as latest career people.

Four close friends from university are finding profits as latest career people.

Wang Mi Na, Yin Ge Li, Weng Mei Yan and Bai Ya Xuan are believed princesses in a tower due to their give attention to her jobs and jobs. But as they each face their challenges of career vs. connection, must they generate a choice or can they need both? Revise Interpretation


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I am not often a huge fan of Taiwanese dramas, because the biggest female contribute is generally most cutesy and quite annoying; BUT this drama got an extremely close feminine direct fictional character. Certain, Mi Na had been go heel for men in school, but normally basic really love you will be like this; and it’s hard to eliminate them. Ten years afterwards, Mi Na still recalls the favorable era in college or university, but no less than this woman is winning in her career. The sole mistake I have found inside her dynamics got that I wish she provided another male lead an opportunity. They’d these types of good biochemistry! In which he ended up being constantly around on her behalf.

If you’d like something which are light-hearted, but with an even more realistic types of results, then I imagine you ought to take a look at drama completely. Most of the figures are pretty likable.

So many issues. Undecided why we finished they.

You will find spoilers inside. If you are going to view they you will possibly not wish to find out more. I sensed this particular show was actually a big waste of time.I am not actually certain how to start. Personally I think like these people were attempting to make this a drama about strong lady and exactly how they cope with lifestyle. They unsuccessful. There are a lot issues. To start a substantial lady will likely not retain a lost fascination with assuming that our contribute women did, around seriously isn’t a strong enough appreciate tale indeed there because of it to last as long as it performed. I also consider that is correct for the second trusted woman, this lady father ended up being an article of services also. I imagined anything with him ended up being just to much outrageous to trust. Then there are the company among these two. One of them devotes the woman home to a person and that is merely a big mess there. The other any simply desires adored. The CEO is guess is a strong lady our contribute appears to but we discover her every day life is kinda chaos too. The male lead got severely not really worth the time used on your. He was a weak, self-centered, money hungry chap. They attempted to make your this commendable guy who was carrying it out all for his parents but the guy failed to even check with their group to see if they certainly were okay and additionally they had gotten that was assured. His mom ended up being they typical mother that simply desires the wealthy lady on her behalf kid. Does not worry about their delight whatsoever. The second lead got fantastic man just who most of the girls will have dropped for and so they bring your off as a dimwit through a lot of it. He far-out shined all of those other dudes within this tv series. Really the only more chap that I would personally say was actually well worth any thing was the auto mechanic they present for the short friend. I will be grateful that partnership between the friends have remedied. The finish simply leaves a lot to be desired. I’m not actually yes exactly why I continuing to look at they, I guess hoping that there would be something that forced me to not regret throwing away my personal time. I do believe the only thing that made it worth while ended up being I found a couple of stars that I want to have a look at to see if they were ever offered the opportunity to shine in other shows.

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