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While the protagonist and biggest figure for the Hunger Games collection, Katniss Everdeen keeps an appealing figure arc. Listed here are the lady best & worst faculties.

Once the protagonist and major personality on the appetite Games show, Katniss Everdeen features an appealing figure arc and is also the most well-developed and penned characters through the guides. Though some enthusiasts criticize the girl on her flaws, the bad faculties she’s got make many feeling for her dynamics and also for her circumstance.

Katniss is usually unjustly criticized in a fashion that male characters frequently aren’t because the woman isn’t your own stereotypical feminine protagonist. This lady has most positive traits which are well worth noting also some defects.

10 Worst: Judgemental

Katniss undergoes lots of challenging factors at an early age, and she is served by to cope with some traumatization. Therefore, she doesn’t have actually considerable time for other people while they are poor or inexperienced.

She can getting some judgemental of others around her, but this does add up as as a whole she simply can’t put up with the nonsense of people.

9 Finest: Service Provider

Katniss is somebody who have a huge amount of responsibility positioned on the woman arms at a young age. She lives under intense authorities controls and concern, and her dad died while involved in the mines of region 12.

After their father’s passing, this lady mom became depressed and extremely checked out, therefore Katniss must pick-up the slack. She really turned into the supplier during the parents in a substance and mental well-being feeling.

8 Worst: Distant

Among the many great things about just how Katniss is written is she’s not put into a package according to this lady gender. While women in media tend to be likely to become comfortable and likable, Katniss isn’t similar to this.

She can be quite distant and got rid of, but this signifies sense in an effort to shield herself. She resides in a terrifying culture possesses forgotten people, therefore it is sensible that she’s got wall space right up.

7 Finest: Practical

Katniss has received to understand in order to survive in harsh circumstances. Therefore, she’s discovered become practical in a variety of steps. Not only do she can do things like quest and supply on her family members, but she is functional about life-and-death issues.

This doesn’t signify she does not love someone or doesn’t has emotions, but she additionally knows what she’s got to make them down to endure acquire work done.

6 Worst: Determined

Whenever Katniss is in the Games, she certainly has to learn to making options to not bring herself killed. Although this is a very important thing, she could possibly be also computed whenever it found interactions.

She performedn’t feel behavior extremely highly toward Peeta or Gale, even though she did care about them simply maybe not romantically. But, she performed address these relations in an extremely calculated way.

5 Most Readily Useful: Loyal

Katniss try a person who is quite guarded, and the woman isn’t gonna simply immediately faith people she satisfies. She needs individuals prove on their own before she seems near to all of them, but she actually is incredibly dedicated to the people she does value.

Katniss are willing over and over repeatedly to chance her very own existence and safety to protect and help save those she cares concerning the the majority of such as Prim and Peeta.

4 Evil: Angry

Given everything that Katniss experiences and is against, getting aggravated try an extremely rational response. The lady outrage is actually well-deserved, but occasionally she allows it get the much better of the lady. She usually reacts impulsively rather than thought activities through.

But this will be certainly one of the woman negative qualities that overall only tends to make their an even more believable fictional character but also a lot more relatable.

3 Top: Nurturing

Katniss isn’t always especially mild and gentle, but she comes with a very thoughtful and compassionate side. She will getting truly difficult and got rid of when she has to be, nevertheless when considering those she really likes, the woman is always around to take care of them.

The girl practices and love for individuals such as for instance Prim and Rue are really strong, and this was one of the recommended aspects of the girl.

2 Worst: Hypocritical

Katniss is a teen when this lady has to contend in the games, not once but two times. Subsequently, she turns out to be the symbolic figurehead for the motion against chairman accumulated snow. it is safe to express she endures over the majority of people will in their whole lifetimes.

So, when she wishes the Capitol people to be punished with a new appetite Games for very own young children, there was a twisted logic to the tip. But’s actually troubling and tends to make the woman a hypocrite.

1 Greatest: Stronger

Katniss has numerous good characteristics which make her good individual and an appealing fictional character, but one of the best general is she’s very stronger in many ways.

While she’s literally stronger and competent, the girl genuine strength is inspired by the lady internal fortitude. The total amount of stress that she undergoes at this type of an early age was enormous, even though she doesn’t remain unscathed, she actually is able to find some solace within her existence. She actually is an inspiration in several ways.

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