The total of all aid (loans, scholarships, tuition waivers, etc

The total of all aid (loans, scholarships, tuition waivers, etc

Title IV Authorization Information

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Federal Title IV financial aid funds, which include Direct loans, will be automatically applied to any eligible pending charges on a student’s account. Eligible charges include tuition, fees, room/board, and other qualified educational expenses.

After eligible charges have been paid, there may be an excess of federal funds. Excess funds may be used to pay other pending University charges (i.e. health insurance fees, parking fees, library fines, etc.) but students must authorize the University to do so.

To authorize the Office of Student Account Services to apply your excess federal funds to any outstanding University charges: 1. Visit your CaneLink account

Students may choose not to authorize the use of Title IV funds for these additional expenses, this may lead to remaining charges on their account, which they will then be responsible for paying.

Students can choose to opt out of the authorization process at any time by contacting ‘Canes Central at If you have questions, please contact ‘Canes Central at to Submit a Case or call (305) 284-IBIS (4247).


The University of Miami Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment communicates with students by email. Students are responsible to monitor their CaneLink account and for checking their email account regularly. If a student misses an important deadline or loses eligibility because they did not resolve an outstanding issue, they cannot hold the Office of Financial Assistance Services at fault.

Estimated Financial Aid Awards

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The students’ award may be ESTIMATED due to a variety of issues that will require resolution before their financial aid can be disbursed. The student will monitor any outstanding requirements on CaneLink and submit the necessary documentation as soon as possible. The student understands that if they fail to complete the financial aid process their financial aid eligibility may be affected or that they may not be eligible for a variety of funds that they may have received in previous years. Students understand that if the information submitted on their application is conflicting, it will/may change their financial aid award based on new information.

Financial Aid Over-Awards

) must not exceed the students’ total cost of attendance. The student must understand that their eligibility may change if they receive funds from another source that is not included on their initial financial aid award. They must also understand the financial aid office will communicate with the changes and that they are required to review CaneLink frequently to understand how their award may have been affected.

Outside Scholarship

The student must understand that if they receive an outside scholarship or institutional awards/scholarships that their award may be affected. The student will need to submit all information from the scholarship agency to the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment as soon as they are notified that they will be receiving additional funds. Loans may be adjusted at any point an over-award. A student’s total aid cannot exceed the cost of attendance. Any scholarship funding received is included in the students’ total aid amount.

Federal And Institutional Work Study Programs

The student must understand that there are a variety of work study (federal and institutional) positions available on and off campus. It is the student’s responsibility to find a suitable employment opportunity that fits their needs, areas of interest and academic schedule. Once they find an employer(s), they understand that they must complete a work study authorization form, I-9 form, W-4 form and a direct deposit authorization before they can begin work. They understand that if Federal Work Study is awarded as part of their financial aid package, the amount indicated is the maximum amount they may earn during the academic year. They also understand that the amount awarded is not a guarantee of employment and that if they apply too late in the hiring season, they may not find a suitable position to take advantage of the work study program.

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