Curing during the Wilds of Africa.Naming and eating my inner demons.

Curing during the Wilds of Africa.Naming and eating my inner demons.

Saturday, Oct 4, 2014

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Naming and serving my interior demons.

Hello you attractive and “ugly” parts of myself.

I will be placing this in the Africa files. It was quit a ride since coming back. The power is actually design and I also have come where you can find be present using deep, older components of myself personally that we tried to hightail it from.

I feel like I am swim around in festering pus from wounds of the past. Rahasya says EXPERIENCE things, it will probably move. Each one of finally thirty days we believed depressed and fatigued. Do activity or will to move my Life forth. Force, yes. chi. not so much.

Recently Im experiencing extra movement.

Here. this area is always to state these components of my self. Most pity encircles them.

Repression. We have repressed parts of my self. You will find repressed my personal sexuality.

Opening within my Heart. Unsatisfiable. maybe not enoughness. Dependence on other people feeling comprehensive.

Can’t still do it.

I cannot become people appreciate. I cannot believe their unique passion. It is really not adequate.

Disbelief in my self.

I notice spirals of my entire life manage. I actually do maybe not see the change I miss. I really do perhaps not read changes in behavior. We read a WOUNDED youngster. We read an intense DESPAIR. I read a emotionally handicapped person. Personally I think the pain sensation which had been put away. Personally I think the longing for another thing.

You will find a very tough time believing. I’m not elegant in getting.

Yes. I am aware this will be a time in which our company is recovering individual and transpersonal places. I know Im doing curing services larger than this solitary getting. Im thankful when it comes down to bigger context.

It’s a wild fuel about. Large changes and improvement.

A Chod training? serving the demons which plague myself.

1) feeling they in your body (sensations, kind, shade) 2) hey you. what do you will want? 3) Be it. Im troubled. I wanted compassion. (Feed they till it really is satisfied.) Engorge the mother fucker. 4) Feel they full. Feel it happy. Fulfill an Ally.

Monday, June 30, 2014

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anyone connect with labels rather than desire understanding under. watching the wholenss. keeping the unMET one (maiden).

so folk see those identies, and go-no-further.

Let’s say you tried something totally new. And not contributed triggering situations up front. An experiment

offering possible opportunity to understand attractiveness of the entire photo (maybe not see scared out by single pieces of Life). No matter what character bit.

The tale sets they in an area, vs one point.

Among my gift suggestions try taking the trigger out, yet they is often damaging for me.

conversation with Jacqui.

thinking to think for sure.

Saturday, Summer 28, 2014

prepared for the next evoluation

Honoring the marching commands and is coming through Divine.

How I will require this attitude area, and skills to my entire life later on? ahhh.

thankful for all the partners and service system You will find with this healing trip.

they claim pleasure is the pleasure of a goal. The area of knowing you put your self into something, and with perform, determination, time that which comes about. The gathering of a brief resort.

Personally I think pleased with this trip. I will be thankful your thoughts of completion.

Now. travel. Paris! And a return to san francisco bay area.

Getting excited about mini brews, hot bathtub, redwoods and further progression. Experiencing enthusiastic and restored during my psychological looks. Me Personally.

What is throughout the radar. Tri’s Routine. getting ultimately more conscious with bodily fitness. checks. honoring one’s body. Consistent Income. practices giving/hospice. Demise Rites. (live-in?)

where are Residence? Mindful people. much slower rate of lifestyle. Precisely what does the bigger visualize resemble?

Responses and Questions. seems like fullness.

Emotions feeling and rooms to dicuss into. whee.

I really like you Kris, I favor every body. and also this too.

Friday, June 27, 2014

views before you leave southern area Africa.

an attractive, nice sensation room before leaving southern area Africa. Completion thinking start to getting pondered. I concerned these shores spread and disheartened. We came with the need to be noticed and reconnect areas of myself which have been abandoned.

Personally I think today, after these several months more strong inside my core. I’m the pleasure and hookup of satisfying new-people, and feeling viewed. The sweetness of appointment strangers, and experience. the “i understand your”. resonance.

I feel renewed. Revived to visit homes and work through the next thing. The revival of trust and Hope of your larger Mysterious online game we play called lives. I believe the bravery and power it took to permit myself personally ahead right here. to someplace across the world. (finding out how to promote my self some credit).

I will be seriously grateful caffmos dating apps if you associated with myself the last 2 months. Your brand-new company and older. Thank you.

Eager for scuba diving into this after that level of adventure. Fantasizing a life of appeal, and term. with admiration.


I got in an attractive area back Johannesburg.

Thus, perhaps endings may cause much better situation. Place for believe.

I am sense pleased and comprehensive inside South African trip.

now inside the bonus area.

I believe the innovation for the subsequent pattern birthing. Everything I have always been called to check to after that.

Increasing. from a far more solid center.

Thursday, Summer 26, 2014

Good Bye Cape City.

You are a robust strength field.

Thank you so much for revealing the charm, and motivation.

I got a beautiful break fast with Rahasya. He made delightful omelets. A tasty handle. A sweet achievement to the recovery adventure.

You’ll encounter more to dig into, yet i’m refreshed today. I’m a lot more capable. Personally I think an affirmation of my personal capacity to move through this Life.

Personally I think revived in my inspiration to achieve sense my self. .

Monday, Summer 23, 2014

today I build up purrring.

A beautiful exploration of womanly and Masculine energy upon awakening. Appreciating Shima and Simon in reflection of full of energy dance.

so if the girly retains greater photo, and the Masculine implements actions towards (operating)

feeling the bond I experienced together with the girly (passionately) in my 20’s. Rebelliously. Counter-dependently. plenty natural power. We lured men, yes. and yet I my self was the wild chaos of injury and *angry* phrase in rebellious type.

It crumbles with further childhood stress though. all those spots of desire, all of the inspiration : deadlocked eventually if it hits the threshold of ________________.

I’m enjoying the feeling of lively have fun with other people who feel current.

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